[PVE-User] Ghost Ceph node after upgrade to luminous/PVE 5.1

Eneko Lacunza elacunza at binovo.es
Wed Nov 15 09:49:17 CET 2017

Hi all,

We have just upgraded our cluster from PVE 4.4/jewel to PVE 5.1/luminous .

Overall experience was quite good; we found some problems with live 
migration because although all VMs had a "default" display, most where 
using std and only a few cirrus . We had to look at KVM process 
parameters to check and change vga setting accordingly for live 
migration to work.

Nonetheless thanks a lot for all your work!

We're now having a bit of fun :) because an old retired cluster member 
is showing back at Ceph/OSD nodelist (without OSDs...).

This node doesn't exist anymore, and doesn't show in pvecm nodelist (it 
was removed from config).

It's directory was present in /etc/pve/nodes for our surprise; we have 
deleted it too but ghost continues to show.

The only place I can see a reference to this retired node is in crushmap:
# buckets host camelot {
      id -2 # do not change unnecessarily
      id -7 class hdd # do not change unnecessarily
     # weight 0.000
     alg straw
     hash 0 # rjenkins1

Should we modify the crushmap manually to remove it?

Was there something we must have done before "pvecm delnode camelot", so 
that node was removed from crushmap too?

Thanks a lot

Zuzendari Teknikoa / Director Técnico
Binovo IT Human Project, S.L.
Telf. 943569206
Astigarraga bidea 2, 2º izq. oficina 11; 20180 Oiartzun (Gipuzkoa)

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