[PVE-User] User Management question

Chase, Brian E Brian.Chase at gd-ms.com
Thu Nov 9 18:59:51 CET 2017

The User Management documentation at (https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/User_Management) is insufficient for me to be able to create a user with limited permissions.  A couple of examples that I do not see in the documentation that would be helpful are:

1.       Create a user that only has console access to specific virtual machines, but not others.  This user would not be able to add/delete VM's or change any settings on any existing VM's.

2.       Create another user that could create and manage new VM's, but only modify VM's the he/she created and have no ability to modify any settings of any VM's created by another user.

Examples are the way I learn best, so any who may be able to provide the above examples would help me a great deal.  I think once I see those two examples, I should be able to decipher the rest on my own using the documentation in the link shown above



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