[PVE-User] Expected fencing behavior on a bifurcated 4-node HA cluster

Adam Carheden carheden at ucar.edu
Tue May 2 17:40:37 CEST 2017

What's supposed to happen if two nodes in a 4-node HA cluster go offline?

I have a 4-node test cluster, two nodes are in one server room and the
other two in another server room. I had HA inadvertently tested for me
this morning due to an unexpected network issue and watchdog rebooted
two of the nodes.

I think this is the expected behavior, and certainly seems like what I
want to happen. However, quorum is 3, not 2, so why didn't all 4 nodes

# pvecm status
Quorum information
Date:             Tue May  2 09:35:23 2017
Quorum provider:  corosync_votequorum
Nodes:            4
Node ID:          0x00000001
Ring ID:          4/524
Quorate:          Yes

Votequorum information
Expected votes:   4
Highest expected: 4
Total votes:      4
Quorum:           3
Flags:            Quorate

Membership information
    Nodeid      Votes Name
0x00000004          1
0x00000003          1
0x00000001          1 (local)
0x00000002          1

# ha-manager status
quorum OK
master node3 (active, Tue May  2 09:35:24 2017)
lrm node1 (idle, Tue May  2 09:35:27 2017)
lrm node2 (active, Tue May  2 09:35:26 2017)
lrm node3 (idle, Tue May  2 09:35:23 2017)
lrm node3 (idle, Tue May  2 09:35:23 2017)

Somehow proxmox was smart enough to keep two of the nodes online, but
with a quorum of 3 neither group should have had quorum. How does it
decide which group to keep online?

Adam Carheden

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