[PVE-User] Missing node in ha-manager

Mark Schouten mark at tuxis.nl
Mon May 1 23:45:21 CEST 2017


I recently added a new node to a cluster which is also running with HA. The fourth node seems to be working fine, but one of the other nodes is confused. pvecm nodes shows the full hostname for the new node, and the short one for the existing nodes. So probably a result of a imperfect /etc/hosts-file. I corrected the hosts-file on all nodes, but pvecm nodes still shows the incorrect output.

Also, in HA, the new node does not exist on the misbehaving node.  In the logs I see:
May 01 09:38:36 proxmox03 pve-ha-crm[2777]: node 'proxmox04': state changed from 'unknown' => 'gone'
May 01 09:38:36 proxmox03 pve-ha-crm[2777]: crm command error - node not online: migrate vm:222 proxmox04

Which is a result of http://pve-devel.pve.proxmox.narkive.com/Eafo8CAz/patch-pve-ha-manager-handle-node-deletion-in-the-ha-stack <http://pve-devel.pve.proxmox.narkive.com/Eafo8CAz/patch-pve-ha-manager-handle-node-deletion-in-the-ha-stack> . I understand why this is done, but I would like to fix this without rebooting the misbehaving node. Can I restart pve-ha-crm to make things right again? /etc/pve/.members on the misbehaving node does not mention the new node at all…

Please advise.

Mark Schouten
Tuxis Internet Engineering <mark at tuxis.nl <mailto:mark at tuxis.nl>>

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