[PVE-User] add multiple OSDs to pve cluster

Alex Oralov junglized at mail.ru
Tue Mar 21 18:57:06 CET 2017

After adding a OSD, I recommend reducing the weight to a low value, and increasing its step by step.
Otherwise the performance of the cluster may fall.

Like: ceph osd crush reweight osd.13 0.01
         ceph osd crush reweight osd.13 0.05
         ceph osd crush reweight osd.13 1.0

>Вторник, 21 марта 2017, 14:10 +03:00 от lists <lists at merit.unu.edu>:
>Hi Jeff,
>On 21-3-2017 5:49, Jeff Palmer wrote:
>> Not sure if this helped, but maybe the info is useful to you?
>Very usefull, yes: thanks!
>I'll try adding one OSD, and see how this affects the cluster. Then 
>we'll proceed from there.
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