[PVE-User] add multiple OSDs to pve cluster

lists lists at merit.unu.edu
Mon Mar 20 21:47:08 CET 2017


We would like to expand the ceph storage on our three node pve cluster. 
(from four to eight 4TB disks per server)

I have physically installed the disks, and they are visible in the 
proxmox gui.

We assume that the best procedure would be:

Configure four disks as OSD at the same time (using the pve gui) on 
pve1, wait for the data to be redistributed, and then do the same on 
pve2 and pve3?

(as an alternative: add one OSD disk at a time. This would perhaps cause 
less data to be moved, but would trigger 4 'expensive and risky' rebuild 
operations per server)

(I'm asking here, since the docs talk about adding one disk, not about 
multiple disks)

Since all disks are exactly similar, I don't need to touch anything 
else, right? (disk weight, etc)

Or is there even another way to do this best?


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