[PVE-User] Broken cluster

Kevin Lemonnier lemonnierk at ulrar.net
Tue Mar 14 20:00:55 CET 2017


I've just been given the task of maintaning an existing "cluster"
of Proxmox 4. I'm putting quotes around the word because currently,
it doesn't work. Each nodes seems to have been somehow added to a
cluster and can see the other nodes, and the sumary tab does work
for each node, but they all show offline except the one I log on.

Since they were all different versions, I just tired updating them
to the latest 4.4, but not better. Then I took a look and realised
that they are all missing the /etc/pve/corosync.conf file.
The command "pvecm status" on some of them just returns that the
file is missing, and on some others says that then does show a
status of a cluster where they are the only one connected (which
a "Activity blocked" since they don't have quorum).

Any idea what happened ? How to fix it ?

Kevin Lemonnier
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