[PVE-User] Query disk usage

Marcus proxmox-user at mattern.org
Tue Mar 7 19:35:53 CET 2017

To make this work you have to activate "discard" option in proxmox per 
harddisk, set bus to "scsi" and use virtio-scsci as controller.
I use XFS only, but ext4 provides discard also.
> Mandi! Marcus
>    In chel di` si favelave...
>> Yes, that's possible. Use fstrim or mount the volume with "discard" as
> 	root at brucaliffo:~# fstrim -v /var
> 	fstrim: /var: the discard operation is not supported
> /var is an ext4 filesystem, debian jessie.
> Why?

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