[PVE-User] Query disk usage

Alessandro Briosi ab1 at metalit.com
Mon Mar 6 16:47:09 CET 2017

Il 06/03/2017 16:17, Marco Gaiarin ha scritto:
> nteresting. But how can i red this data:
> root at magneto:~# lvs
>   LV            VG   Attr       LSize    Pool Origin Data%  Meta%  Move Log Cpy%Sync Convert
>   data          pve  twi-aotz--  783.23g             50.38  25.36                           
>   root          pve  -wi-ao----  100.00g                                                    
>   swap          pve  -wi-ao----   32.00g                                                    
>   vm-100-disk-1 pve  Vwi-aotz--  150.00g data        98.66                                  
>   vm-100-disk-2 pve  Vwi-aotz-- 1000.00g data        20.57                                  
>   vm-101-disk-1 pve  Vwi-aotz--   30.00g data        95.75                                  
>   vm-102-disk-1 pve  Vwi-aotz--  160.00g data        7.63                 
> 'vm-100-disk-2' is effectively full at 20%, roughly, but
> 'vm-100-disk-1' is full as:
>  root at brucaliffo:~# df -h | grep vda
>  /dev/vda2       976M  319M    591M  36% /
>  /dev/vda3       4,9G  2,9G    1,7G  64% /usr
>  /dev/vda4       118G   26G     87G  23% /var
> (24GB of swap missing, so roughly 53-55GB of 150, surely not 98% !!!).

Well, you should understand how lvm-thin works.
Once the disk space has been allocated it wont be released anymore.

So if you allocate 100GB to a vm disk, and write a 99GB at some time,
then delete 98GB, the vm-disk will still report 99GB of allocated space

It basically works as a qcow2 file.


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