[PVE-User] [pve-devel] Proxmox VE 5.0 beta2 released!

lyt_yudi lyt_yudi at icloud.com
Tue Jun 13 06:55:11 CEST 2017

Hi, Alexandre 

Confused about this… 

> 在 2017年5月23日,下午10:14,Alexandre DERUMIER <aderumier at odiso.com> 写道:
> you need to add a special cdrom with
> #qm set vmid -(ide|sata)X storeid:cloudinit
> (it'll be create by proxmox, can be file or any storeid)
> then for configuration:
> ipconfigX: ip=,gw=
> searchdomain: mydomain.com <http://mydomain.com/>
> nameserver:
> sshkey: ....
> hostname: myhostname  (optionnal, default is vm name)

How does this work? by post api ?


> (if you have a net0, you can add  ipconfig0:....)
> then simple install cloudinit daemon in your vm.
> (I have tested it by debian jessie backports)
> at start, proxmox will generate config in the cdrom, and daemon in the vm will apply it.

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