[PVE-User] ZFS over iSCSI in Proxmox 5.0 issues

Mikhail m at plus-plus.su
Wed Jul 19 09:58:46 CEST 2017

On 07/19/2017 08:17 AM, Wolfgang Link wrote:
> Hi,
> Proxmox VE is not a storage box, so we do not provide this kind of setups.
> ZFS over iSCSI is used if you have a external storage box like FreeNas.
> Debian Stretch use lio as iscsi target what should also work with IET.


Thanks for your response. I realize that Proxmox should not act as a
both storage/vm host - I'm doing this more for testing purposes.

Should I install some additional package on the Proxmox 5.0 host that
will act as a ZFS-iSCSI target/portal? I'm asking because it does not
seem to work as is, I'm getting the following when trying to run/migrate
VM on created storage:

TASK ERROR: clone failed: No configuration found. Install iet on at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/Storage/LunCmd/Iet.pm line 113.


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