[PVE-User] ZFS over iSCSI in Proxmox 5.0 issues

Mikhail m at plus-plus.su
Wed Jul 19 01:10:39 CEST 2017


I'm trying to setup Proxmox 5.0 node as shared storage node (basically I
have a 4x10TB disks inside that server, Proxmox installed on ZFS RAID 10
filesystem). I'm willing to use this node as a host for KVM vms, and
also as a storage source for my other nodes.

The issue is that I cannot seem to setup this node as a ZFS-over-iSCSI
source for the other nodes. It looks like Debian Stretch (base system
for Proxmox 5.0) has dropped support for "iscsitarget" package that was
available in Debian Jessie - iscsitarget package provides tools for IET
(ietadm, ietd). So the problem comes when I'm trying to setup new
ZFS-over-iSCSI storage from the Datacenter GUI: there I have to choose
iSCSI Provider module - Comstar, istgt, IET.

I cannot choose Comstar because it is purely for Solaris type of OS.
I cannot choose IET because my Proxmox 5.0 host has no IET (iscsitarget)
package available.
And as a last resort, I have tried "istgt" as a provider (before that, I
installed "istgt" package inside my Proxmox 5.0 storage node).
Before doing this, I followed Proxmox wiki page and set up ssh keys for
authorization on Proxmox 5.0 storage server. This is all working good.
However, if I choose istgt as a provider, I get the following error
whenever I try to create/run new vm that's storage source is set to
ZFS-over-iSCSI volume:

TASK ERROR: create failed - No configuration found. Install istgt on at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/Storage/LunCmd/Istgt.pm line 99.

istgt is actually installed on

The question is how to use ZFS-over-iSCSI in this scenario?


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