[PVE-User] Broken Ceph Cluster when adding new one - Proxmox 5.0 & Ceph Luminous

Phil Schwarz infolist at schwarz-fr.net
Sat Jul 15 16:02:04 CEST 2017


short version :
I broke my cluster !

Long version , with context:
With a 4 nodes Proxmox Cluster
The nodes are all Pproxmox 5.05+Ceph luminous with filestore
-3 mon+OSD

Was working fine
Added a fifth node (proxmox+ceph) today a broke everything..

Though every node can ping each other, the web GUI is full of red 
crossed nodes. No LXC is seen though there up and alive.
However, every other proxmox is manageable through the web GUI....

In logs, i've tons of same message on 2 over 3 mons :

" failed to decode message of type 80 v6: buffer::malformed_input: void 
pg_history_t::decode(ceph::buffer::list::iterator&) unknown encoding 
version > 7"

Thanks for your answers.
Best regards

While investigating, i wondered about my config :
Question relative to /etc/hosts file :
Should i use private_replication_LAN Ip or public ones ?

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