[PVE-User] Point my backup to ISCSI Volume

Leonardo Dourado leonardo.dourado at itrace.com.br
Sun Jan 29 20:45:29 CET 2017

Hi gents!

I have configured my NAS and created a LUN to point my backups, I added it on PVE (it recognized correctly)... Occurs that when I go to Backup\Storage (on web interface) and try to point to the LUN (named as ITRCNAS1) unit it does not appear...

If I point to the mounted directory on console it works: /mnt/storage.

Is there a way to use the LUN directly? I'm not sure if I can mount a LUN volume on fstab...

LUN is already partitioned and formatted as ext4, it's my /dev/sdb1 device.

On Web Interface I see the format of that unit is still RAW.
Any help is much appreciated,
Leonardo D.

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