[PVE-User] Recovery Disaster - What is the best practice...?

Leonardo Dourado leonardo.dourado at itrace.com.br
Thu Jan 26 01:08:49 CET 2017

Hi All!

Can someone please advise what is the best procedure in case of recovery disaster?

My scenario is:
I have a PVE Server running a few machines, I also have a NAS with some disks... I wanna point to that NAS the backup of these machines (in a way I can recover them in another server in case of hardware failure).

I see on PVE the Backup service, I am not sure if I have to recover a whole VM to another server that is the proper service, it looks too simple (mostly snapshots).
My plan is have Proxmox as a main server for VMs so, I have to think about "if my hardware fails", what can I do to move the machines to another server...

Much appreciated,
Leonardo D.

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