[PVE-User] proxmox-vm-error

Bastian Sebode b.sebode at linet-services.de
Sun Jan 22 17:03:21 CET 2017

Hey Jatani,

have you had a look with more or less at /etc/lvm/archive/VG?

It is only a backup of your LVM-Structure the time you made changes to
it. I personally never tried, or needed to restore from such a state,
but what you should probably do is to reread this structure to access
the data.

If your unlucky you already overwrote some of the data with your
dd-command, because lvm re-assigned some blocks for your new LV

Search Google for "restore lvm from archive" should help you further.


Am 20.01.2017 um 15:50 schrieb jatani halake:
> Hi all,
> how are you doing? on my proxmox node i destroyed vm accidentally & then i
> found disk image under /etc/lvm/archive/VG, i tried to restore by using
> creating new vm and copying old disk to new one:
>     dd if=vm-901-disk-1 of=/dev/vg1/vm-903-disk-1
> it copied succesfully, when i tried to make it up the following message
> displayed:
> Booting from Hard Disk...
> Boot failed: not a bootable disk
> No bootable device. Retring in 1 seconds
> , please any help?
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