[PVE-User] win2008 with uefi

lists lists at merit.unu.edu
Tue Jan 17 16:43:46 CET 2017

On 17-1-2017 15:15, Alessandro Briosi wrote:
> Can't you simply restore from windows image backup not using uefi boot?
> Eventually you would have to start in restore mode and edit the registry
> to enable the IDE device for boot (I have done this from a dead machine
> and it worked).

Well, with me the Windows Installation Restore tool complains something 
like "this machine boots using a different boot technology, i cannot 

Perhaps you did it with a newer windows version? This is Windows 2008.

> Don't think thay UEFI is required for booting windows 2008 anyway.
Of course. I know that windows can boot without UEFI. That's also what 
my goal is.

The problem is that I'm stuck with this bare metal UEFI & Dynamic Disks 
RAID1 windows 2008 machine that I would like to virtualise...


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