[PVE-User] win2008 with uefi

Alessandro Briosi ab1 at metalit.com
Tue Jan 17 15:15:33 CET 2017

Il 17/01/2017 15:00, lists ha scritto:
> Hi,
> On 10-1-2017 12:56, Alexandre DERUMIER wrote:
>> maybe as workaround, create a small boot drive with grub as
>> bootloader, to boot the windows system ?
> Didn't work out. :-(
> My source machine has a raid1 dynamic disk configuration, and
> appearently grub cannot boot (it does not detect) the an installation
> of windows on dynamic disks / raid1.
> So, anyone here with more ideas?
> To recap, I would like to virtualise a windows 2008 enterprise x64
> server, uefi boot, configured with a windows software RAID1 on
> "dynamic disks".
> What I have tried so far:
> - clone/restore using clonezilla, but the system doesn't boot
> - restore using the windows installer bare metal restore
> functionality, but the windows 2008 x64 iso doesn't boot under
> proxmox/uefi
> -tried the bare metal restore using windows 2012, but it cannot
> restore a backup created with windows2008
> - make the clonezilla-restored copy boot using grub, but grub cannot
> access dynamic disks. (it doesn't detect the windows installation)
> Anyone with some smart ideas?
> MJ
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Can't you simply restore from windows image backup not using uefi boot?
Eventually you would have to start in restore mode and edit the registry
to enable the IDE device for boot (I have done this from a dead machine
and it worked).

Don't think thay UEFI is required for booting windows 2008 anyway.


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