[PVE-User] win2008 with uefi

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Tue Jan 17 15:00:03 CET 2017


On 10-1-2017 12:56, Alexandre DERUMIER wrote:
> maybe as workaround, create a small boot drive with grub as bootloader, to boot the windows system ?

Didn't work out. :-(

My source machine has a raid1 dynamic disk configuration, and 
appearently grub cannot boot (it does not detect) the an installation of 
windows on dynamic disks / raid1.

So, anyone here with more ideas?

To recap, I would like to virtualise a windows 2008 enterprise x64 
server, uefi boot, configured with a windows software RAID1 on "dynamic 

What I have tried so far:

- clone/restore using clonezilla, but the system doesn't boot

- restore using the windows installer bare metal restore functionality, 
but the windows 2008 x64 iso doesn't boot under proxmox/uefi

-tried the bare metal restore using windows 2012, but it cannot restore 
a backup created with windows2008

- make the clonezilla-restored copy boot using grub, but grub cannot 
access dynamic disks. (it doesn't detect the windows installation)

Anyone with some smart ideas?


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