[PVE-User] [OT?] OOM...

Falko Trojahn trojahn+proxmox at pluspol.info
Tue Jan 10 14:19:44 CET 2017

Hello Fabian,

> there is an issue with the 4.4.35-1 kernel in pve-enterprise and OOM,
> you can install the 4.4.35-2 one currently in pve-no-subscription (which
> should move to pve-enterprise very soon as well).
> see
> https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/proxmox-4-4-5-kernel-out-of-memory-kill-process-8543-kvm-score-or-sacrifice-child.31569/

thank you very much, just found the forum thread after sending my mail,
too, and will upgrade kernels asap.

Best regards,

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