[PVE-User] win2008 with uefi

lists lists at merit.unu.edu
Mon Jan 9 22:28:58 CET 2017


This is on latest proxmox (4.4-5/c43015a5):

Created a machine, set OS type windows 2008, rest of the options 
default. Then changed bios to ovmf, and added an uefi disk.

Then booting a windows2008 iso fails after the UEFI screens: there 
appear a few corrupted atifacts in the left top corner and thats all.

Switching back to SEABios and everything works as expected.

I have read this bug report: 

And from what I understand from the above link, I should be able to boot 
win2008 with uefi on qemu with the correct settings.

Alexandre Derumier created the following patch in november on this subject:

So I hoped that this would work by now. However it does not. :-(

Anyone with suggestions? I would like to virtualise a machine that boots 
uefi and runs windows2008 enterprise. Is that really impossible?

Hopeing for some good clues! :-)

Best regards and all the best for 2017 to all!


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