[PVE-User] keepalived and proxmox

Lindsay Mathieson lindsay.mathieson at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 13:16:57 CET 2017

Did some playing around with LizardFS and used keepalived to setup a HA 
solution for it - floating IP plus promote/demote scripts. The IP was 
bound to a linux bond on two ethernet cards per node (balance-alb). The 
proxmox cluster uses a thrid card per node with is a simple bridge onn a 
sperate subnet.

It all worked well enough but I noticed after a while that the netwrok 
started playing up - proxmox nodes dropped out of quorum, gluster 
started having problems staying in sync with the heal count creeping up, 
put I had no problem pinging any IP's and the syslog dind't show 
anything odd. I disabled keepalived, rebooted everything and it came 
right. This happened several times.

Are there any known compatibility problems with keepalived and proxmox? 
I noticed all the other LizardFS has solutions used ucarp, but it seemed 
less maintained and flexible than keepalived.

Lindsay Mathieson

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