[PVE-User] Verison 4.x problem with changing IP in /etc/hosts

Lari Tanase larieu at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 20:27:51 CET 2017


I found a problem with changing IP

steps to reproduce

last PVE 4.4 fresh install
at install set one IP ( EX )

apt-get update &&....


in GUI change IP  ( EX ) - the GUI ask to reboot for 
changes to be active

after reboot everything seems to work OK
but if you want to start a cluster you'll receive an error
- after some debug I found that the trouble is that in the


your name is mapped on the old IP     serv_name.domain.tld serv_name pvelocalhost

correct is     serv_name.domain.tld serv_name pvelocalhost

I was able to reproduce this 3 times

GUI don't change IP in /etc/hosts

Lari Tanase

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