[PVE-User] Using OpenVswitch without ethX-named devices

Javi Fernández Álvarez jfernandez at vicomtech.org
Tue Feb 21 08:59:32 CET 2017

Hi all,

	We have the interfaces names customized in our cluster with ovs without 
problems. Here an example of our nic names:

"iface gb0 inet manual 

iface gb1 inet manual 

iface gb2 inet manual 

iface gb3 inet manual 

iface xg0 inet manual 

iface xg1 inet manual 

iface xg2 inet manual 

iface xg3 inet manual

El martes, 21 de febrero de 2017 6:14:31 (CET) Dietmar Maurer escribió:
> > Can it be overwritten somehow or should I stick to only eth* devices? Or
> > do you accept some prefixes as well?
> we also support the "enXXX" prefix.
> > Is it Proxmox "functionality" or OVS'?
> Proxmox
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