[PVE-User] Using OpenVswitch without ethX-named devices

Sten Aus sten.aus at eenet.ee
Mon Feb 20 16:35:07 CET 2017


Has anyone used openvswitch without ethX-named devices?

For example I have udev rules which will rewrite my ethX devices to 
desirable ones (as I have automated a lot in PVE cluster, so I am using 
same ethernet device's names troughout cluster etc).

If I use ethX-named devices, openvswitch works. If I change them to my 
custom (for example g10) then openvswitch will not work.
I've tried configuring it via Proxmox GUI and editing 
/etc/network/interfaces directly.

GUI says that "g10" is not a OVSPort. If I type in "eth2" - it magically 
Also, g10 shows up as "unknown device" in GUI.

Is it a Proxmox bug/feature or a openvswitch's?

See attached picture of GUI.

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