[PVE-User] Guest sudden stop

Stefano Marinelli stefano at dragas.it
Sat Feb 18 09:01:30 CET 2017

> A Windows 2008 Guest suddenly was off, but I could not find any clue in
> the logs on why it was off.
> It's a VM which was migrated from a physical one in the w.e. It had been
> working fine for the whole time.

generally speaking, I've noticed that a VM shuts off when its storage disappears or it's been unaccessible for a long time. Sometimes it happens when the storage gets really slow. I've had similar problems with Gluster and some Windows VMs, but it was on Proxmox 3.2.
At that time, I solved moving to MooseFS (and, then, to Ceph)


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