[PVE-User] High Availaility / Fencing in Proxmox VE 4.x

Kevin Lemonnier lemonnierk at ulrar.net
Mon Feb 6 12:57:20 CET 2017

> * How does fencing work in Proxmox (technically)?
>   Due to fencing being based on watchdogs I assume that some piece of software
>   regularly resets the watchdog's clock so that the node isn't rebooted automatically
>   by the watchdog. Is this correct? Which software is responsible?

I had a hard time figuring out how to configure Proxmox correctly for something
similar (GlusterFS over vmbr1), basically :

# On the first node
pvecm create My_Cluster -bindnet0_addr -ring0_addr

# On the second node
pvecm add -ring0_addr

# On the third node
pvecm add -ring0_addr

And so on.
That way Proxmox (corosync) will use the same interface as Ceph, and will self-fence
when that isn't available. Just don't use any other rings as that would enable Proxmox
to stay up even when Ceph is down, which is bad (unless you have a way to tell Ceph how
to use the other interfaces, but I guess you wouldn't be asking this if you did).

It's been working fine for us for a year now, on a very very unstable network using
the default self-fencing. Quite happy with it.

Kevin Lemonnier
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