[PVE-User] Ceph over IP over Infiniband

Phil Schwarz infolist at schwarz-fr.net
Tue Dec 19 12:28:58 CET 2017

I'm currently trying to set up a brand new home cluster :
- 5 nodes, with each :

- 1 HCA Mellanox ConnectX-2
- 1 GB Ethernet (Proxmox 5.1 Network Admin)
- 1 CX4 to CX4 cable

All together connected to a SDR Flextronics IB Switch.

This setup should back a Ceph Luminous (V12.2.2 included in proxmox
V5.1) On all nodes, I did:
- apt-get infiniband-diags
- modprobe mlx4_ib
- modprobe ib_ipoib
- modprobe ib_umad
- ifconfig ib0 IP/MASK

On two nodes (tried previously on a single on, same issue), i installed
opensm ( The switch doesn't have SM included) :
apt-get install opensm
/etc/init.d/opensm stop
/etc/init.d/opensm start
(Necessary to let the daemon create the logfiles)

I tailed the logfile and got a "Active&Running" Setup, with "SUBNET UP"

Every node is OK regardless to IB Setup :
- All ib0 are UP, using ibstat
- ibhosts and ibswitches seem to be OK

On a node :
ibping -S

On every other node :
ibping -G GID_Of_Previous_Server_Port

I got a nice pong reply on every node. Should be happy, but...
But i never went further.. Tried to ping each other. No way to get into
this (mostly probably) simple issue...

Any hint to achieve this task ??

Thanks for all
Best regards

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