[PVE-User] sparse and compression

Miguel González miguel_3_gonzalez at yahoo.es
Mon Dec 11 16:10:29 CET 2017

On 12/11/17 3:47 PM, Andreas Herrmann wrote:
> Hi
> On 11.12.2017 14:17, Fabian Grünbichler wrote:
>> On Mon, Dec 11, 2017 at 01:40:28PM +0100, Miguel González wrote:
>>>  Why a virtual disk shows as 60G when originally It was 36 Gb in raw format?
>>>  NAME                       USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT
>>>  rpool/data/vm-102-disk-1  60.0G  51.3G  20.9G  -
>> wild guess - you are using raidz of some kind? ashift is set to 12 /
>> auto-detected?
> No! 'zpool list' will show what is used on disk. zfs list is totally
> transparent to zpool layout. Have a look at 'zpool get all' for the ashift
> setting.
> Example for raidz1 (4x 960GB SSDs):
> root at foobar:~# zpool list
> zpool  3.41T   102G  3.31T         -     8%     2%  1.00x  ONLINE  -
> root at foobar:~# zfs list
> NAME                             USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT
> zpool                            237G  2.17T   140K  /zpool
> zpool ALLOC is smaller than zfs USED in this example. Why? Try to unserstand
> the difference between 'referenced' and 'used'. My volumes aren't sparse but
> discard is used.

I have search around about how to understand those columns. I didn´t
find anything on the wiki that explains this.

This is my zfs list:

NAME                       USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT
rpool                      207G  61.9G   104K  /rpool
rpool/ROOT                6.10G  61.9G    96K  /rpool/ROOT
rpool/ROOT/pve-1          6.10G  61.9G  6.10G  /
rpool/data                 197G  61.9G    96K  /rpool/data
rpool/data/vm-100-disk-1   108G  61.9G   108G  -
rpool/data/vm-102-disk-1  37.1G  77.9G  21.1G  -
rpool/data/vm-102-disk-2  51.6G  81.8G  31.7G  -
rpool/swap                4.25G  64.9G  1.25G  -

If I run zfs get all I get:

rpool/data/vm-100-disk-1  written                108G
rpool/data/vm-100-disk-1  logicalused            129G
rpool/data/vm-100-disk-1  logicalreferenced      129G

rpool/data/vm-102-disk-1  written                21.1G
rpool/data/vm-102-disk-1  logicalused            27.1G
rpool/data/vm-102-disk-1  logicalreferenced      27.1G

rpool/data/vm-102-disk-2  written                31.7G
rpool/data/vm-102-disk-2  logicalused            36.2G
rpool/data/vm-102-disk-2  logicalreferenced      36.2G

So even If I´m having 8k blocksize and non-sparse the written data is
quite close to the real usage in the guests VMs.

All this comes from that I was running out of space when running
pve-zsync to perform a copy of the VM in other node.

I have found out that snapshots were taken some part of the data (30 Gb).

Any way to run a pve-zsync only a day that doesn´t consume snapshots on
this machine (Maybe running from the target machine?)



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