[PVE-User] Lower Diskspace

Daniel daniel at linux-nerd.de
Fri Aug 25 10:25:48 CEST 2017


let me explain what is my issue. Maybe there is another way to handle this issue.

On Proxmox 4 I was able to add more diskspace then exists.
I have 2TB Harddrive and only 200GB is used. But I assigned 2TB to all of my containers.
Now is he is “complaining” that all Disk-Space is used (in theorie yes it is but not realy used ;))

So is there any way to “overbook” the System? In Proxmox 4 there was no problem with it.


Am 25.08.17, 10:01 schrieb "pve-user im Auftrag von Daniel" <pve-user-bounces at pve.proxmox.com im Auftrag von daniel at linux-nerd.de>:

    Hi there,
    is there any way to lower the Disks from a Container?
    I just see that I can increase it but I want to decrease the disk..
    For example from 500GB to 50GB
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