[PVE-User] Question: Blacklist modules

Nils Privat gismo3303 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 22 14:27:54 CEST 2017

just a question: How do i properly blacklist a module? I found three
possible ways.

A) On the internet i often read to create a file with the module name in
'/etc/modprobe.d'.... so for e.g. 'etc/modprobe.d/bbbridge.conf' and write
into 'blacklist ddbrigde'

B) One proxmox wiki entry suggests to just put the 'blacklist ddbrigde' or
whatever module you want to blacklist into '/etc/modprobe.de/blacklist.conf'.
But after fresh installation of proxmox5 the file doesnt exists (

C) Put the 'blacklist ddbridge' into '/etc/modprobe.de/pve-blacklist.conf'
because that file already exists and already have one blacklisted module.

So are all ways possible? If B) is not recommended, we should update the
wiki to use C) ?


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