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Fri Aug 11 18:55:39 CEST 2017

FreeNAS and NAS4Free will fail because they're based on FreeBSD which
uses ctld (CAM Target Layer) as a iSCSI target. ctld is not supported by
There's istgt port, but it is going to be user-space daemon and will
work slower than native kernel iSCSI target on FreeBSD.

So you can leave these ideas and not waste your time on FreeNAS.

Right now I'm in process of transforming one of the NAS systems to
Solaris-based OS - OmniOS (you can find in earlier threads on this
mailing list about it). Proxmox seems to support Comstar as iSCSI
target, which means it should work.

But.. this is my second attempt to deploy OmniOS for the past year on
the storage server. My first attempt failed due to missing Intel 10gbit
NIC driver. And my last attempt also failed because OmniOS (as all
Solaris OSes) does not support root pool (rpool) on mirrored stripes
(aka RAID10) - this is due to boot loader limitation. Linux and FreeBSD
support rpool on mirrored stripes, but ZFS is not native to them.
So my next attempt is to add 2 USB sticks into server and create
mirrored rpool on them purely for OS installation. My storage server has
only 4 disk bays (1U Supermicro) and I do not want to give up with OmniOS.

Good luck!

On 08/11/2017 07:37 PM, Gilberto Nunes wrote:
> Did you tried FreeNAS or NAS4Free to implement it??
> Perhaps it's work...
> That will be my next step.
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> 2017-08-11 13:22 GMT-03:00 Mikhail <m at plus-plus.su>:
>> Hello,
>> Even if you're able to insert and create the disk, this does not mean
>> you will be able to start/run VM with that disk. Apart from creating
>> disk on ZFS storage you also need to export it via iSCSI.
>> Unfortunately, ZFS-over-iSCSI is not documented well. I came across same
>> problem as you 3 weeks ago (posted here on the list), but my questions
>> left unanswered.
>> Mikhail.
>> On 08/11/2017 07:14 PM, Gilberto Nunes wrote:
>>> If I use the command:
>>> qm set 100 -scsi1 ZFS-OVER:vm-100-disk-1
>>> update VM 100: -scsi1 ZFS-OVER:vm-100-disk-1
>>> I can insert the disk with sucess!!!!
>>> But inside web interface I am no able to!
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