[PVE-User] Using move disk when moving large disks

Sten Aus sten.aus at eenet.ee
Wed Apr 12 07:50:01 CEST 2017

I can confirm that we've succesfully moved from iSCSI 10G (HP EVA 
storage) to Ceph (10G) by doing move disk from Proxmox GUI.

Haven't encountered any problems yet. :)

On 08.03.17 1:36, Kevin Lemonnier wrote:
>> Has anyone used PVE "move disk" when moving large disks from one storage
>> to another? Especially when the VM is live?
>> Is disk writes really 100% synced from one disk to another while moving
>> process is still active?
>> Have you encountered even data loss? Or filesystem inconsistency which
>> can be fixed like any other?
> I've done it a lot between glusterfs and other storages (local, nfs, other gfs ..),
> works fine. No dataloss, no inconsistency.
> The only problem I have is the vm crashes when it reaches 100% almost everytime,
> it gets restarted by HA quickly but that's still annoying. It's been happening
> for years on all our clusters, but for some reason no one else has that problem,
> so I assume it's something to do with the glusterfs implementation or something.
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