[PVE-User] Question about directly accessing SPICE ports

René Pfeiffer lynx at luchs.at
Tue Apr 4 12:06:39 CEST 2017


We have a setup where we run a Proxmox system and connect to it via
OpenVPN. OpenVPN users should access VMs from their local machines via
SPICE. Since Proxmox doesn't make the SPICE ports directly available, we
tried to use the shell script from


to access the VMs via SPICE. The problem is that the script calls the
remote-viewer binary without an URI for the SPICE (proxy) port(s).

Is there a way to easier access VMs? Since we use a VPN the ports wouldn't
be exposed anyway, and we do not need an extra layer of authentication.
System is (still) a Proxmox 3.4.

Any help appreciated.

Best regards,

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