[PVE-User] Restoring VM on ZFS-thin storage

Mikhail m at plus-plus.su
Mon Sep 12 23:40:19 CEST 2016


Right now I'm moving virtual machines from old 3.x node (storage model:
LVM) to new 4.x node. The new node has ZFS RAID10 setup over 4x4TB local
disks. My storage for virtual machines has ZFS Thin Provisioning enabled
and it actually works for newly created virtual machines - in other
words I can give 100GB disk to machine, and only actually used space
will be taken from available ZFS pool.

This, however, does not work for restored from backups virtual machines.
I'm doing simple backup-restore procedure (backup on 3.x node and
restore on 4.x node to ZFS), and what I see is that if there's 100GB
disk in backup then it takes 100GB on restore (even thought actually
there's only 5GB used). Does that mean I won't be able to take advantage
of ZFS Thin Provisioning when restoring vms from backups?


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