[PVE-User] Migrating a vmdk from NAS to LVM

Dhaussy Alexandre ADhaussy at voyages-sncf.com
Mon Sep 12 16:06:08 CEST 2016

Curiously, qemu doesn't seem to recognise the vmdk file until i use "-f 
wmdk" :

# qemu-img info -f vmdk /nas/proxmox/testmox2/testmox2.vmdk

image: /nas/proxmox/testmox2/testmox2.vmdk
file format: vmdk
virtual size: 41G (44023414784 bytes)
disk size: 2.8G
Format specific information:
     cid: 3035973716
     parent cid: 4294967295
     create type: vmfs
             virtual size: 44023414784
             filename: /nas/proxmox/testmox2/testmox2-flat.vmdk
             format: VMFS

# qemu-img info /nas/proxmox/testmox2/testmox2.vmdk
image: /nas/proxmox/testmox2/testmox2.vmdk
file format: raw
virtual size: 10K (10240 bytes)
disk size: 50K

Le 12/09/2016 à 08:55, Alexandre DERUMIER a écrit :
> can you provide the output of
> "qemu-img info  youroriginal.vmdk" file ?

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