[PVE-User] Proxmox 4.2 : Online Migration Successful but VM stops

Kevin Lemonnier lemonnierk at ulrar.net
Sun Oct 2 10:13:52 CEST 2016

> for memory unplug, as I said, it don't work 100% (linux kernel limitation),

Yeah I don't know, looks like it works fine for our debian guests at least,
don't need much more. And unplug isn't as important as hotplug anyway for us.
The goal is to increase ressources of a VM when some website hosted on it
appears on TV and we get thousands of visitors at once, if unplugging still
requires a reboot from time to time it's fine.

> but you can do it another way, use ballonning, with shares=0.

I never could make that work. When I try to use ballonning and I change
the ram value, it just shows in red waiting for the VM to be powered off
to apply. I can use the monitor to do it by hand, and that works, but
for example if I have a 16 Gb VM with a 8 min and I try to reduce it to 8
using the command, it goes slowly down to 8 then back up to 16 on it's own.

There is also the fact that the VM always boots with the max value of ram
that makes it way too annoying to use, even if it worked. Guess the ideal
would be for it to boot with the min value instead.

Maybe all of this was a bug, didn't try balloning since mach or april,
might have been fixed now. In anycase the max value doesn't make
much sense for us, I'd rather have no max like with hotplugging.

Kevin Lemonnier
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