[PVE-User] drbdmanage License change

Valentin Voigt mail at valentinvoigt.info
Sun Nov 20 16:00:40 CET 2016


I just set up a two-node cluster with Proxmox using DRBD9 for live 

Does that mean that I should switch technology as long as we're not 
using that cluster for production? It would be pretty sad when DRBD gets 
removed from Proxmox once I get to use it.

I think it's already hard to find solutions for high-availability(ish) 
clusters for those poor souls with with only two physical machines. Any 
hint in a better direction would of course be appreciated!



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>Hi all,
>We just want to inform you that Linbit changed the License
>for their 'drbdmanage' toolkit.
>The commit messages says ("Philipp Reisner"):
>basically we do not want that others (who have not contributed to the
>development) act as parasites in our support business
>The commit is here:
>The new License contains the following clause (3.4b):
>3.4) Without prior written consent of LICENSOR or an authorized 
>  LICENSEE is not allowed to:
>b) provide commercial turn-key solutions based on the LICENSED SOFTWARE 
>  commercial services for the LICENSED SOFTWARE or its modifications to 
>  third party (e.g. software support or trainings).
>So we are basically forced to remove the package from our repository. 
>We will
>also remove the included storage driver to make sure that we and our
>customers do not violate that license.
>Please contact Linbit if you want to use drbdmanage in future. They may
>provide all necessary packages.
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