[PVE-User] License issue

Marcel van Leeuwen mavleeuwen at icloud.com
Sat Nov 19 10:19:11 CET 2016


I’m new here and I never used mailing lists.., so I apologise if I do something stupid.

I’m Marcel van Leeuwen and living in the Netherlands. IT stuff is just my hobby but I must admit its a bit out of hand. I'm testing ProxmoxVE at the moment and I really like it. I also considered ESXi but I like the opensource character of ProxmoxVE.

I subscribed for a license to support the project and of course to get updates. Now I’m in a testing phase so I installed my license a couple of times. I think I hit a maximum cause I can reactivate my license at the moment. I raised a ticket over at Maurer IT. I was not aware of this limitation. How do I prevent this from happening again? Just not install the license or not re-install ProxmoxVE?


Marcel van Leeuwen

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