[PVE-User] [pve-devel] online migration broken in latest updates - "unknown command 'mtunnel'"

Chance Ellis chance_ellis at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 18 17:02:32 CET 2016


I am running a small cluster of 3 nodes. I would like to upgrade those nodes to the newer versions. The problem I will run into is a requirement for no down time. 

My normal upgrade plan is to live migrate vms off of node-1  to the remaining 2 nodes. I then upgrade and reboot node-1. Once node-1 is operational, I move vms from node-2 to node-1. I upgrade and reboot node-2. I follow the same for node-3.

The issue I will run into is that once I upgrade node-1, I won’t be able to migrate vms from node-2 back to it because of the version mismatch on qemu-server and pve-cluster. The migration will fail. The only option I will have is to shutdown the vm and move the conf file. Back to the no down time requirement, this is less than ideal.

Is there another way to migrate the vms with the new version packages using the old method that doesn’t detect or a separate migration network?


On 11/11/16, 2:05 AM, "pve-user on behalf of Thomas Lamprecht" <pve-user-bounces at pve.proxmox.com on behalf of t.lamprecht at proxmox.com> wrote:

    On 11/10/2016 10:35 PM, Lindsay Mathieson wrote:
    > On 11/11/2016 7:11 AM, Thomas Lamprecht wrote:
    >> Are you sure you upgraded all, i.e. used:
    >> apt update
    >> apt full-upgrade 
    > Resolved it thanks Thomas - I hadn't updated the *destination* server.
    makes sense, should have been made sense a few days ago this, would not 
    be too hard to catch :/
    anyway, for anyone reading this:
    When upgrading qemu-server to version 4.0.93 or newer you should upgrade 
    all other nodes pve-cluster package to version 4.0-47 or newer, else 
    migrations to those nodes will not work - as we use a new command to 
    detect if we should send the traffic over a separate migration network.
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