[PVE-User] Android app for pve 4.2 management

Nicola Ferrari (#554252) nick-liste at posteo.eu
Wed Nov 16 18:43:52 CET 2016

On 16/11/2016 13:02, Daniel wrote:
> Actually i have the same problem.
> Thats the reason why i started to develop my own App.
> But these App will take serval month till i will be able to show something.

- Thanks Daniel for your response.
I'm glad to know about it.

- In the meantime, I've just written to the "Quadrata" developers (they
are also italian as me), to know something more about the QuadProx
future roadmap.

- Surfing in the play store, I got into this one:

Have anybody tried this?
Since that's not free, and no trial version is available, I would know
your personal opinion about that.

( Please be patient for my poor english... )


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