[PVE-User] Android app for pve 4.2 management

Nicola Ferrari (#554252) nick-liste at posteo.eu
Wed Nov 16 12:40:06 CET 2016

Hi everybody.

I'm running a 3-nodes pve 4.2 cluster.
In the past I used to overview the cluster at home and while travelling
using OpenVPN on my phone, in conjunction with QuadProx Mobile:

I recently (sept 2016) upgraded cluster to pve4, and only yesterday I
realized that Quadrata App is no more functional on pve4:
I can see only a few data (nodes name, free memory/cpu) but I can't see
vm list and management options (start, stop, console and so on) .

Do you experience the same issue too?
Any advice about alternative Android apps to achieve this?


PS: I tried to use simply a web browser on the mobile (firefox mobile)
but it requests too much resources... that's not usable..

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