[PVE-User] Network optimization: ethtool and jumbo frames...

Marco Gaiarin gaio at sv.lnf.it
Thu May 19 10:23:23 CEST 2016

> But using jumbo frames does not affect throughput, but cpu usage (and
> so, latency); it is merely 'less packet to process'...

Ok, i need to reply to myself. ;-)

I've done my test on one of the node, where there was only a test VM.
Jumbo frame works, but i've not tested too much the performance...

Yesterday i've moved all VM to the 'jumboed' node, and i've noted that
there was some trouble.
Access to the VM was ''sluggish'', exactly as my SAN was switched from
a 1GBit/s connection to an old 10Mbit hub of 20 years ago...

Because i've had some time, i've switched to jumbo also the other node,
but simple operation (migration to nodes, shutdown and reboot) took
dozens of minutes.

There was no errors on logs, i've ended my test time and so i've
switched back removing jumbo frames. All went back as normal.

I don't know if was a node, switch or SAN trouble; i suppose switch:
because i've to change them... more test to come. ;)

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