[PVE-User] Ubuntu 1604 / guest agent

Holger Hampel | RA Consulting h.hampel at rac.de
Wed May 11 11:55:21 CEST 2016


trying the new Ubuntu version, I have troubles with the guest agent. The agent will not shutdown the VM. Running in foreground:

1462959272.439482: debug: received EOF
1462959272.539653: debug: received EOF
1462959272.639979: debug: read data, count: 103, data: {"execute":"guest-sync-delimited","arguments":{"id":411101}}{"arguments":{},"execute":"guest-shutdown"}
1462959272.640094: debug: process_event: called
1462959272.640164: debug: processing command
1462959272.640264: debug: sending data, count: 20
1462959272.640322: debug: process_event: called
1462959272.640334: debug: processing command
1462959272.643681: debug: sending data, count: 85
1462959272.644088: debug: received EOF
1462959272.744226: debug: received EOF

So the communication between KVM and the agent seems to work.

Any experience with this?

Thanks in advance

Holger Hampel

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