[PVE-User] NFSv4 support for NFS storage?

Frank Thommen frank.thommen at uni-heidelberg.de
Fri May 6 15:41:17 CEST 2016


new fileservers in our department are configured to require NFSv4 and do 
not support NFSv3 any more.  That worked fine for PVE 3.x by patching 
the "values.options" assignment in 

When applying the same patch to PVE 4.x, the storage is mounted 
correctly and also shown in the summary, but the status is inactive and 
`pvesm list <storage>` returns "mount error: mount.nfs: 
/mnt/pve/<storage> is busy or already mounted".  In the content tab, the 
error "mount error: mount.nfs: /mnt/pve/<storage> is busy or already 
mounted (500)" is shown.

Is there any other patch which has to be applied to make NFSv4 working 
with PVE 4.x and is there already a timeframe, when NFSv4 will be 
supported out of the box?

We are currently running "pve-manager/4.1-33/de386c1a (running kernel: 


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