[PVE-User] pvecm e 1 not working anymore

Jean-Laurent Ivars jl.ivars at ipgenius.fr
Fri Mar 18 10:57:20 CET 2016

Hi list,

In the new cluster version (pve4) if i loose quorum (in a 2 nodes set un with one node down for example) I’m stuck.

Before pve4 I could send the following command pvecm e 1 and my host was fully working again but now it seems it doesn’t work this way (the command run without error but nothing happens)

Moreover, the new file for setting cluster (and quorum) isn’t cluster.conf anymore but corosync.conf but i don’t find where to set this in that file !

Does someone know the way to do ?

thank you for answer in advance :)
Best regards,

Jean-Laurent Ivars 
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