[PVE-User] V4.1: "Move Disk" function leads to file system corruption

Claudiu Popescu claudiu at pidginhost.com
Thu Mar 10 12:35:10 CET 2016

> Hi Stefan
> SQL Server is known to be picky about the filesystem.
> Is the problem repeatable if you use the qemu-img command as it
> displayed above ?
> If Yes can you try it again by using the switch -t writethrough instead
> of writeback ?
> This should be slower but safer.
> It might be that by using writeback, some blocks are still in the Linux
> kernel page cache, and the filesystem inside the VM is not consistent if
> you start the VM before the kernel has flushed the cache.
> Emmanuel

If that is the cause of this issue, isn't sync an option?
Adding an option which flushes all buffers to disk prior to disk move in web ui?
Even if it might cause the node to be under load, in some cases it is worth it.

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