[PVE-User] No 32bit container templates for PVE 4.x?

Thomas Lamprecht t.lamprecht at proxmox.com
Thu Mar 3 16:11:04 CET 2016


no no reason at all, LXC and so we is able to run 32bit Containers fine.

You can use the one provided by lxc (at least those which distro we
support (debian, ubuntu, arch, centos, alpine, suse are the ones if I
did not miss anything) and you normally also should be able to run the
previous generated 32 bit templates just fine.

Our dab and aab (debian and archlinux appliance builder) can generate 32
bit templates/appliances.

So the reason that there are no 32 bit ones at our template host is
unknown to me but probably simply nobody thought of this yet,
as the overhead is often quite small and 64 bit has its advantages.

Building (at least a debian, arch one) and upload it should be no
problem, but no promise how fast :)


On 03.03.2016 14:09, Frank Thommen wrote:
> Hello,
> is there a reason, why there are no 32bit container templates provided
> for PVE 4.x?  With PVE 3.x I used the 32bit openvz templates, as I'm
> mostly running small services and I want to keep the memory and disk
> footprints as small as possible.  However for PVE 4.x all offered
> templates seem to be amd64.
> frank
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