[PVE-User] bcache, lvmcache, flashcache on proxmox 4

hackru hackru at gmail.com
Sat Jun 18 21:13:05 CEST 2016

We have iscsi targets on storage machines(and they're in the proxmox cluster so we can use storage nodes for running VMs in emergency situations).
Idea is to improve read performance, so if ssd fails receive some read speed degradation instead of data corruption. I want to cache iscsi storage on storage nodes, not on main pve nodes.
Alexey, can you describe please your lvmcache usage scenario?

> Cheap ssd in production server is generally bad idea. They may have some critical drawbacks like low lifetime on high-write workloads and low performance on some workloads.
> So what you want? Locally cache  *shared* iSCSI storage on PVE nodes? PVE doesn't have methods for this. You could try do something like that manually, but it's pretty dangerous.

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