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William Gnann gnann-pve at ime.usp.br
Wed Jul 6 21:21:20 CEST 2016

On Wed, Jul 06, 2016 at 11:27:16AM +0200, Thomas Lamprecht wrote:
> Hi,
> >Should I undo the cluster configuration since it will take a time to restore the other node?
> Hmm, I'd do so as else you have to set the expected votes always to 1 if you
> reboot the current working node.
> If you expected to reinstall the other node then you have to delete the node
> one way or the other some time.
> If you expect to repair it then you could also let the config like it is so
> that it may join the cluster again if repaired.
> It causes trouble if you delete it from the cluster config via `pvecm
> delnode NODENAME` but bring it back online in the same config, in this case
> you have to delete the following files from the repaired node:
> # set also here expected votes to 1 if you have no quorum.
> rm /etc/pve/corsync.conf
> rm /var/lib/corosync/ringid*
> rm /etc/corosync/*
> Do that before you bring the node online in the cluster again (else it wants
> to join the cluster where the other node has deletet it).
Ok. I think I will reinstall it anyway.

> >Finally, was it a bad idea to use the cluster configuration (without HA) to concentrate the machine administration?
> No, i think that is really convenient and clustering (with or without HA) is
> a central aspect of Proxmox VE so I see no problems here.
> But clustering nodes means also that you establish a dependency between the
> nodes, the now need quorum (the majority of votes from the nodes in the
> cluster) do execute cluster actions to ensure everything is working
> correctly.
> So this implies that clustering a stable node with a node expected to often
> go down, or being unreliable in other ways has its drawbacks on two node
> clusters.
> Also as a rule of thumb, the more the better :) HA is achievable with 3+
i> Nodes.
Right. Until I install a third node, I will pray for either nodes do not crash again. :P

Thank you!

> cheers,
> Thomas
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